Choosing and Displaying the Right Photo for Your Project

Choosing the right photo for your project can be difficult. Using large hero images grab attention, which can be a good and a bad thing. You don’t want to pull that attention away from your content, but you also don’t want anyone to ignore the image you spent half an hour at 11pm on a Friday night deciding on.

Be original. We all know that photo, the average looking person smiling at the camera with a white background and occasionally a random inanimate object at the center of attention. Search for photos creatively; use broad terms for your searching of images and make sure you find one that looks natural and depicts what you’re trying to put across.

Be consistent. Try not to swap styles every third photo — keep it consistent while maintaining a nice variety so people don’t feel like they’re looking at the same photo. Try to keep an accent color in your gallery to maintain that “pulled together” feeling. Try searching for an object or place on Pixel Mob! You’ll see that you get a nice array of consistent photos - while the colors may be a little strong, searches like beach provide totally different, yet consistent photos.

Avoid hard text. This is one we see frequently; you have a great photo, a great tagline, but you edit your text right into the image. This not only a missed advantage on improving your SEO but also isn’t the best for responsivity (the image might be skewed on mobile as opposed to desktop.)

People. Having people in your photos is great, it makes your project human. Photos evoke emotion and ensuring your photo has authenticity really balances nicely with the human-like aspect of your project.

Don’t overload. Having a good mix of text content, photos, and whitespace is a good idea. Check out the articles below for some more information on this, the same articles I used to write this (oops.)